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OTTilus Enterprise Class Integrated OTT (Over The Top) Video Solutions

As OTT and TV Everywhere services become a core part of the business, it is no longer enough to simply put content online. In order to meet the changing business needs of today and in the coming years, it is critical to set up the foundations for a powerful, flexible and scalable multi-screen solution. 


Leveraging 15 years of expertise in deploying Pilat Media’s award-winning broadcast management solutions, the OTTilus product suite provides the foundation for a scalable and forward looking solution.


The OTTilus Service Manager, is an advanced management system that enables you to manage your multi-screen service in a unified and uncompromised way.


The OTTilus Video Platform provides readymade out of the box end to end services. It encompasses all major solution components from content acquisition to player applications (white label or with 3rd parties) and is designed to offer an outstanding cost effective solution. Powered by the OTTilus Service Manager, it ensures that as your business expands and becomes more complex, it remains agile enough to meet all your requirements.


Whether you need to deliver cost effectively or expand your backend management capabilities, Pilat Media’s expert team will design the best solution for your business and organizational needs.


Service Manager

Managing your multi-screen business today and in the future


Advanced content and offer management

The OTTilus Service Manager is designed to manage a hierarchy of multi-screen services in a unified and uncompromised way. A broad range of sophisticated scheduling tools are available for managing linear content, EPG, catch-up TV services and VOD Catalogs together with different content offers.  Comprehensive content management capabilities include advanced rights that can be used to restrict content to specific viewers, geographic territories, devices and time windows and for configuring blackouts accordingly.


Broad range of monetization options

The OTTilus Service Manager accommodates a broad range of business models for different services, including free-to-air content distribution models (subject to rights and user security restrictions), tiered subscriptions, rentals, purchases, content syndication or advertising – all supported by user profile and device management.


Powerful analytics

Built-in monitoring capabilities at the player end send analytical data back to the Service Manager independently of the delivery network, for QoS and marketing analysis.


Open eco-system

The OTTilus Service Manager supports multiple formats, devices and DRMs, by incorporating a set of built-in connectors to third party systems, enabling the smooth delivery of services with the needed flexibility.


Service-manager diagram midsize


Deployment options

The OTTilus Service Manager can be delivered on-premise or on the cloud (AWS).

Our team of experts is available to design the right solution for you taking into account your business needs,  existing systems and infrastructure.


Seamless Integration with your Broadcasting Business

Pilat Media’s philosophy is that online video should simply be treated like another delivery platform, leveraging your existing workflows and systems to minimize delivery time while optimizing your available resources.

This is accomplished through a BMS middleware layer which seamlessly integrates your BMS workflow, analytics, metadata, rights management, scheduling and campaign management with your OTT operations.

Through BMS middleware integration, the OTTilus solution gives you the ability to provide TV Everywhere services, launching comprehensive TV services across multiple devices and networks.





Video Platform

Smooth path to delivering OTT and TV Everywhere services

The OTTilus Video Platform end to end service provides a readymade cost effective solution from content acquisition to player applications.

Delivered as a service on AWS, the OTTilus Video Platform includes an easy to use  central management console that defines and manages all service attributes from content availability, rights management, metadata, security, monetization options, user profiles, devices and much more.

The OTTilus solution supports  streaming, progressive download and download to own in all major video streaming formats including Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HLS, Flash HDS and MPEG-DASH. With pay services being a major part of the business, applications such as service protection, DRM and payment processing are all supported by the OTTilus Video Platform service.


OTTilus video platform diagram-midsize


Content Factory

Robust cloud-based content preparation at your service

The OTTilus Video Platform includes a scalable content factory for live, catch-up TV and VOD.

Using carrier grade hardware and scalable architecture the Content Factory acquires live feeds and provides encoded and encrypted streams in multiple formats.

Unique OTTilus media chunking technologies and an automated workflow enable live content to be available almost instantly on catch-up TV services.

Non-linear media is acquired, transcoded and encrypted using an automated and flexible workflow supporting multi-language capabilities (support for both multiple audio tracks and subtitling tracks), job management and progress notifications.

Content is made available on different CDNs / Video servers according to pre-configured routing rules.

The OTTilus Video Platform Content Factory is provided as a service. Alternatively, depending on your needs and the local network topology, our team of experts will design your content factory taking into account specific acquisition, hosting and hardware options.

Players & Apps

Out of the box white label application or a customizable experience

The OTTilus Video Platform provides customizable and feature-rich white label players & apps for mobile, web and TV.

The players and apps are designed to enable a consistent experience across all devices - whether iOS, Android or HTML5 –based - while carefully adapting to each type of device in order to create an optimal TV experience (including VOD catalog, EPG, Catch-up TV, Restart TV, social networks integration and multi language support).

DRM can be enabled on all devices (using downloadable secure players for mobile devices). Client analytics are collected from the players & apps in order to provide marketing and QoS reports.

The players & apps can be used right out of the box, branded with white label templates, or completely customized, designed through our development team or partners. Alternatively the OTTilus Video Platform can integrate with third party applications using a comprehensive set of APIs.

The OTTilus Video Platform is based on technology used by leading broadcasters including channels from Channel 4 UK, BSkyB, Turner Broadcasting, VIACOM and A&E Networks.

TVE Experience

TVE Experience-midsize

Catch-up TV automation, cross platform offers, rights exploitation, multi-device viewing experience and cloud/hybrid deployment are just a few of the challenges that need to be managed in the new multi-platform TV Everywhere environment.

Pilat Media’s industry-leading business management and OTT solutions simply manage this complexity, supporting media companies’  multi-screen, multi-channel and multi-platform strategies from rights, meta-data and advertising management to linear and on-demand scheduling, OTT delivery and media workflow orchestration.


Customer spotlight:


Foxtel logo-small

Pilat Media’s IBMS has been chosen for Foxtel Go, a popular portable app offered by leading Australian pay TV provider Foxtel, a long standing customer of Pilat Media. Foxtel Go is a portable companion for Foxtel subscribers, enabling them to choose from some of Australia’s most popular entertainment, documentaries, and drama channels and watch their favorite shows anywhere and anytime on both Wi-Fi and 3G.

Foxtel launched Foxtel Go in November 2012 following the success of its 2012 London Games app, which gave subscribers access from tablet and smartphone devices to eight HD channels providing live coverage of the events. The Foxtel Go service now features more than 50 live channels with many channels providing catch-up programming that can also be viewed on demand.

As part of the back-end management system for Foxtel Go, Pilat Media provides a rights aware content catalog with rich metadata to support the service’s nonlinear and catch-up offerings, including content availability and packaging, so as to support a rich viewer experience and maximize the use of content rights.




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